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Stealth Desk

A 😎 video conferencing stand everyone has space for at home

Your clients and colleagues will ❤️ you for using it

• Standing, you will look confident, alert and ready for action

• With a wall behind you, you are guaranteed to remain the center of attention (no distractions, no walk in surprises)

•Having light from your window shine at you will make your face glow 😉

Look ultra professional and ready to save the day

And the magic?

Stealth Desk can disappear🤯when you do not need it

Fit this desk anywhere in your home where you can find peace and quiet

•In your bedroom

•In your kitchen

•In your bathroom [we would not recommend though – echo 😂]

Get Stealth Desk to

look like a pro when you need to and keep all the space for yourself when you don't

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