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Can't sleep in hotels?
Bring your own

TT Hotel Pillow Shield 

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TT Hotel Pillow Shield

Don't blame your struggling to sleep in a hotel bed on a tough day or being overwhelmed with excitement. Often the reasons are much simpler. Bring your own TT Hotel Pillow Shield and sleep like a baby!

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You deserve to sleep well


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Three senses you need to give a peace of mind to have a good night sleep
Sense of Smell

Unfamiliar or unpleasant smell of harsh chemicals that hotels are using to wash their bedding can keep you awake.

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Sense of Touch

According to research, the feel of what you put directly next to the skin of your face can greatly impact your ability to relax.

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Sense of Security

You might not be worrying about the fact that, on average, 1,825 people could have slept on that pillow before you. However you mind might be.

Unique combination of three
innovative fabrics
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Practical and easy to take with you on every trip
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Packs Small

Machine Washable

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Fits Most Pillows

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Free Pouch

People who have tested
TT Hotel Pillow Shield loved it
sitting on plane
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Business Travel

Having travelled the world on business, I never thought a pillow cover could make such a difference to my travel and, ultimately,  my wellbeing

Confident Businessman


Venture Capitalist

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Travel with Kids

We love to travel as a family. However it is often difficult for kids to sleep in new places. On top of that after on one of the trips both of my kids developed an allergic reaction on their faces to detergent used to wash bed sheets in a rental property. With TT Pillow Shield my kids sleep much better, which makes travel more enjoyable for us, parents!

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Microbiologist, mom of two

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I gave TT Pillow Shield to my wife and she absolutely LOVES it! She has always found it hard to sleep away from home but TT Pillow Shield seem to provide that missing bit of comfort and security she needed to sleep well. I never had trouble sleeping while travelling myself but really enjoy the feel of  TT Pillow Shield. We will be gladly travelling with these covers from now on. 

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IT Consultant

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